Welcome to the beta for our brand new
impact trade platform.

We love the idea of being able to do good through the things we buy. We've never been happy with so-called ethical products.

Why? Because even if we adore the product it's rare we're truly passionate about the cause they chose. Sometimes we're passionate about the cause but the product simply isn't useful for us.

This got us thinking - why are we letting companies decide the good we do through buying their product?

Impact trade is our answer.

We've decoupled product from cause, letting you buy the things you love and do exactly the kind of good you want to do. Our goal? A movement to transform everything we buy into life-changing global impact for those who need it most. Welcome to the future of ethical products.

Things are changing pretty quickly around here so feel free to give me a shout at taylor @ impct dot com with any questions.

-Taylor, CEO

earn impact credits

We collaborate with top local brands to produce exclusive impact trade products. Buying them here earns your platform account investable credits.

explore the causes

We've curated some of the highest impact organizations and projects in the world for you to fund through your purchases.

invest and do good

Target your credits into causes. We make it happen, we tell you what happened. We give true transparency into the lives you've helped change.

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Fellow Carter

impctcoffee impact blend

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Minor Figures Oat Milk

impctcoffee Nebbi Zombo

featured cause

Improve rice yields.

Partner: Rice Inc.
Cause: Hunger
Place: Malaysia

Did you know 30% of all rice grown is wasted due to poor drying? Investing your credits here helps rice farmers build cutting-edge solar dryers, improving yields and feeding vulnerable people.

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