Welcome to the impct.com beta and a future where you can become an impact investor through the things you buy.

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You deserve a better ethical product. We collaborate with top local brands to produce exclusive impact trade products. Buying them here earns your platform account investable dollars.

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We think you should get to choose the impact you create through your purchases. We've curated some of the highest impact organizations and projects in the world for you to invest in here.

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Become an impact investor by targeting your dollars into causes. We make a 1:1 investment (not donation) into that cause on your behalf. Your profile tracks your investments and gives you true insight into the impact you've created.

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Fellow Carter

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Featured Cause

Improve rice yields.

Partner: Rice Inc.
Cause: Hunger
Place: Malaysia

Did you know 30% of all rice grown is wasted due to poor drying? Investing your credits here helps rice farmers build cutting-edge solar dryers, improving yields and feeding vulnerable people.

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Rice Inc.