Meet the Coffees

Coffee is grown in many of the world's poorest countries. Despite representing a huge percentage of exports, origin countries capture only a tiny amount of final sale value. The vast majority of workers in the coffee industry work grueling days for next to nothing and go back to live in local urban and peri-urban slums. Trade certifications and interventions like Fair Trade, direct trade, and Rainforest Alliance have mostly failed to live up to their promise to help the most vulnerable people on coffee farms and in their surrounding communities. Doing good can't just be a story we tell ourselves. The communities that grow the drink we love depend on it being real.

We're winners of the 2015 Hult Prize and one of President Bill Clinton's "Top companies changing the world". We're a global social enterprise and we're pioneering what we call impact trade: direct trade products whose revenue is transparently invested into proven and effective interventions at origin. We source the world's best coffee, roast it fresh, and invest the profits into local women to build and run Playcare preschools for their communities. We see every box of coffee we sell as a brick to build those schools. Now, over on, you can claim your brick and become a Playcare founder. You receive updates on its construction and operations and get to see how it helps to transform the communities who need it most. 

These are the coffees and communities we're currently helping building a better future with. 

Ethiopia - Guji Smallholder 

Ethiopian IMPCT Coffee for the Future. Truly ethical coffee: 100% of sales build schools at origin.

Guatemala - Finca Chacaya

El Salvador - Las Brumas Washed

Taiwan - Pingtung Aboriginal Smallholders